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Services Provided

In the field of Security we provide following services :-
Security of Premises including manufacturing units, export houses, corporate offices.
Security of Material including Warehouses, Godowns, Under construction building. Lady Guards and female staff to ensure safety of children.
Security of personnel including workers, managers and other important persons in industrial and corporate sector.
Personnel body guards including ex-Black Cat Commandos, Bouncers and Gunmen.
Investigation of incidents involving theft, mis-appropriation, pilferage and fraud.
Miscellaneous Services including outsourcing labour, office staff, daily wage workers and employees.




We have 21 years experience in the field of security in industrial and institutional sectors. We had worked with PSUs like IOCL, HPCL, Pawan Hans Hepters Ltd in Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab. This includes round the clock security guards, gunmen, PSOs, Watch & Ward Staff. We had provided PSOs (Black Cat ) to Shri Ram Group, Reliance Silicones Mumbai and some Govt officials. Our security arm provides manpower to RWAs, Residences, Industry, Institutions, Corporate Offices and construction sites. We also provide housekeeping service to factories. Our specialty had been security of LPG Plants in Raj and Punjab employing ex-servicemen. We have expertise personal bodyguards or bouncers as per requirements. In addition we train security guards for other agencies, PSOs on job basis, and carry out security audit for various companies.
We are providing security to colleges (MGM Engg College) and expert houses


Training is the essence of quality that any client expects/wants. Hence training as a part of comprehensive package (trained/quality guard) delivery to client needs extra and special emphasis. Regular and repeated training is the crux of expected quality. While Govt lays down adequate guide lines which are mandatory for implementation, but to that we in Knight have added flavor to the efforts by way of practical knowledge and experience. We also include “social responsibility” as an essential ingredient of the curriculum.